Rainbow Megs

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French fries with cheddar cheese, bacon, fried eggs, and gravy, this was litterally a dream come true for me, as I woke up from a dream that I was on my way to Burgers and Brew to get some breakfast fries, then to De Vere’s for a side of gravy to put on top.
I got a birthday package from my Grandparents and sister today!! I got this beautiful necklace with a really pretty dichroic pendant and these fun glow in the dark Mario star man earrings!! Yay!!! Thank you guys, I love them!!! :D
The pot of gold was at the train station!
There was a rainbow yesterday! ♡
Rainbow!! :D
We always have the happiest times
We always have the most fun together.
Love her
The wind in our hair
My beautiful best friend
Cassidy reflecting in my sunglasses
Bestie photoshoot today… Mostly just messing around and being weirdos.
I still feel 24…
The colors in this one! ☆○☆